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    Here is a very technical fishing. Discretion and finesse fixtures are required. Usually seabreams live in shoals so you can stay a long time between catching. Suitable sites are where the bottom is half rock, half sand, for instance near the exit of the port. A corridor of sand between two rock bedrocks is a good spot. Fishing is often done very close from the coast, at depths of 5 to 7 meters. The period is from April to June Many. Baits are used to catch bream: worms, mussels, small crabs... Using a needle get the worm on a size 4 hook and a line long enough (more than a meter of fluorocarbon 22/100). The line will be equipped with a sliding 30 grams lead. The boat must be secured by two anchors. Do not strike prematurely, but only after several starts. The defense of seabream is strong at first, then softer, but it can be strong again when approaching the boat. The reel should not tightened so it can absorb this type of defenses.



    South of Carnon, on bedrock, between 5 and 10m, you can catch rockfishes. The rod must be light and flexible. Its length should not exceed 1 m 80 and the reel is a fixed drum type. Thread is a nylon diameter of 30/100. Make a bottom line type line with 2 or 3 hooks and handlines type lead weighing 20 to 30g. The body of the line having a diameter of 30/100 should measure 80 cm. The branches with a diameter of 20/100 and 10 cm long will be completed with a number 8 hook. The boat is anchored or adrift slowly. Small pieces of sardines or worm will be use as bait. Fishing will be done with the lead slightly scraping the bottom but the line slightly tense to prevent snagging. The fishing can be practiced throughout the year and throughout the day.



    By 4 miles away to the south of Carnon, from June to September, at depths of 20 meters, there are often mackerels. The rod must be strong because departures of mackerel are fairly sharp. The boat is put at anchor because we must try to gather fish under the boat, for example using shredded sardines. Bait will be sardine cut into pieces and strung on a hook 4 or 6. On days when the sea surface is a bit rough, mackerel tend to be between 12 and 18 meters. The calm days, we can see them come to the surface. Depending on the depth at which you want to fish lead will vary from a few grams to 30 grams by example.





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