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    General meeting of the club, November 2018 

    On November 24, 2018 in the Salle des Cistes in Carnon was held the Carnon Fishing Club General Assembly.

    Jean Luc Naudet, president of the club presented the many activities of the last months, he also insisted on the social vocation of the club and its activities directed towards the young people and the handicapped people. Assisted by the Club's office, he has been coordinating a year-round program of activities and participations in the marina and the city of Carnon. Including the introduction to fishing for children, an activity done by Rudy Robin throughout the summer and which interests the children of the region and those who visit us on vacation.

    With a balanced budget presented by René Horain, the club is ready for a 2019 year full of events around fishing and fish.

    A meal allowed all the members present, to spend a friendly moment and prepare the 2019 fishing season.



     December 2018 | Author: Patrick Escoffier


    2018 fishing contest

    On October 6, 2018 seven boats met in front of Carnon for a friendly contest. All the fish allowed to catch in this period could be the target of our passionate fishermen. This year we inaugurated a new method of calculating the points recorded by a boat,  that allowed us to encourage our fishermen to do different types of fishing. The rating was made according to the variety of fishes and the number of catches (maximum 5 per species). Three boats were rewarded: It was the crew of Petit Bleu who won the first place with 148 poins and 6 species The second place goes to the crew of Vaïana (119/6), followed by Solene (74/3) The morning ended at the club premises with the awarding followed by a popular drink and lunch.


     October 2018 | Author: Patrick Escoffier


    Granville fishing trip

    In September members of the Club went to Granville where our friends from the fishing club welcomed us, lodged, fed us and offeredus 2 unforgettable fishing trips. Some fished 7 bars in No Kill, of which one weighted more than 5kg, others caught sea bream, mackerel, red mullet, calamari, lieus, etc. We also collected a lots of clams, lobsters, and shrimps.


    Thanks to the Granvillais and Granvillaises, we are very grateful!


    September 2018 | Author: Jean-Luc Naudet & Patrick Escoffier


    Carnon Fishing Club organise a fishing contest for children

    On July 14, 2018, the Carnon Fishing Club organized a competition for children aged 7 to 12 years in the port of Carnon. Many children participated and ended up on the port of Carnon on a sunny morning for a fun and friendly game of fishing. The fishing was successful and ended with the award ceremony and a drink, where fishermen, families and representatives of the town hall were able to share a good time around the glass of friendship.



    July 2018 | Autthors: Michel Lepers  et Patrick Escoffier


    Carnon Fishing Club organizes for the benefit of the association REVES, a fishing trip for ill children

    Thanks to the willingness of the club's board to carry out a "solidarity" project every year. (ULIS class, CEMEA ...) and the contacts of our president Jean Luc Naudet, that could be organised a fishing trip at sea with the association Dreams

    The whole club gathered for this very unusual fishing trip, in joy and good humor but also in complete safety.

    5 boats with their captains, as well as a crew of 2 to 3 members of the club, welcomed 8 children, some with their parents and the team of Agglo TV. A good half-dozen members of both associations stayed at the club premises to prepare lunch for all participants.

    While the weather forecast was lousy, the conditions improved: calm sea and little wind, but a rather strong residual current.

    Embarked safely, our young fishermen began to catch fishies: serrans, scorpionfish, oblades come to take a ride on board the time of a photo before returning to their natural element.

    Around noon, full of air from the open sea, the children and their companions returned for lunch, and surprise, it is KIKO and the Gypsiland who will ensure the ambiance during the meal. Pizzas and chocolate cake offered by the restaurant Gusto de Lattes, a macaronade prepared by Alain, all have put a lot of heart to make this lunch a nice moment ...

    From the smallest to the biggest, everyone was delighted. The pictures illustrate this feeling.




    June 2018 | Autthors: Michel Lepers  & Patrick Escoffier


    12 March 2018 - Conference on the behavior and the migrations of the bluefin tuna by Tristan Rouyer of IFRMER of Sète  

    More than 20 fishermen invited by the Carnon Fishing Club and the Port of Carnon, attended this conference and appreciated the various aspects of the life of the bluefin tuna presented by this scientist, also responsible for the project POPSTAR (marking a group of 200 tunas with tags to understand their migration).

    Among the many elements presented by Tristan, those concerning the ability of tuna to move during the 40 years of his life, have surprised more than one.

    Its (very) fast migrations thanks to its ability to swim at 100km per hour remain difficult to understand, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

    Monitoring (by plane) in the Gulf of Lion shows the presence and movement of juvenile tuna mattes from the surface. However, visibility limits and movements of tuna outside the area make a complementary method of monitoring essential.

    It is the marking with electronic tags that inform on the trajectory of the fish throughout the life of the tag (about 1 year).

    As part of the POPSTAR project, mass tagging will track individuals from the same group and track breeding and nutrition events.

    Tristan presented tagging videos from Malta and the Gulf of Lions.

    These explanations allowed everyone to interpret past events and make plans for the coming year.



    The documents and videos presented are available in the adhering part of the Club WEB site.

     March 2018 | Author: Michel Lepers 


    Fishing Jols , February 2018  

    February 3rd, 2018, the Carnon Fishing Club organized a fishing Jols event. Many members were present and ended up in Carnon on a sunny morning for a fun and friendly fishing. The catch was good and the event ended with a nice dringf at the club, where fishermen and their families were able to share their fishing around the glass of friendship.




    Février 2018 | Auteur:  Patrick - Photos: Francoise et Patrick





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