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    December 2015 | Author: The board


    Club General meeting, November 21st 2015


    More than 30 members of Carnon Fishing Club gathered this morning in the Carnon multipurpose room for the Annual General Meeting of the Club. President Jean-Luc Naudet read the summary of 2015. The financial statement of the Club has been approved. Were also addressed the following points: Section of surf casting and fishing initiation , 2016 Events Program , Budget 2016 & Update on tuna fishing.

    Daniel Metivier, from FNPPFS, provided information on tuna quota forecasts for 2016, the evolution of regulation, and the "Assises de la mer" which took place in Martigues 5 and 6 Novembers 2015 .

    Patricia Bendinelli , Director of the captaincy of Carnon provided information on the management of the port and took questions from boaters.

    Deputy Mayor for Sport Mr Jean Albert welcomed the management of the club and his contribution to the busy Port . He made some constructive comments on the relationship between the club and the town that will surely help improve relations between the elected and the office.

    December 2015 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier


    Granville: the CPAG host the CFC


    The club of Fishermen in Granville host the Carnon Fishing Club. They had said it and they did it. September 27, 2015, 18 members of Carnon Fishing Club made the trip to Granville, in response to the visit of the CPAG in Carnon in September 2014. the progam included boat fishing and shellfishing, enjoying an exceptional tide coefficient of 117, matching a lunar eclipse. According to our friends at the CPAG, Carnon had placed the bar very high in 2014, and of the Norman largely matched our performance in 2015. On Monday and Tuesday, boat fishing allowed everyone to test themselves in a rough sea but with a large sun, while other fishermen walked harvesting their share of what would be the sumptuous dinner on Tuesday night. Some guests also enjoyed Granville area through a discovery tour.

    Result: the fishery products included bar, lobster, clams, shrimps, oysters to compose a beautiful seafood meal for all. Special mention to Michael and Anne Helie for their preparation smoked sea bass which delighted all tastes.

    To mark this event, the CPAG introduced our President, Jean Luc Naudet, in the Brotherhood of "Fun and Quality", at the end of a speech recognizing the qualities of Jean Luc in tuna fishing, he was baptized "Bluefin" by the Brotherhood .

    After gifts exchange and a tour of the bay of Mont Saint Michel in the surrounding area the next day, we took the way back, head full of beautiful and good memories.

    October 2015 | Author:  Michel Lepers




    By Friday, 7:00, first day of the Fishing Master, 18 boats and 60 fishermen went out to conquer the big fish "in NO KILL". The results of this first day: 13 tunas,1  shark , 6 stingrayscaptured , photographed and released. Meanwhile, on the port, greater activity with the recording of the program "super Hérault" of France Bleu, with Philippe Montay. Many local people were present, you can listen to this program during the week of September 28 to October 2 on France Bleue Hérault.

    Saturday, because in the weather forecast, the boats stayed on shore.The afternoon fishing contest for children was on the port and a film on the protection of marine environment was shown, followed by a very interesting debate.

    Sunday 2nd day of fishing: 16 tunas, 1 shark 1, and 3 stingrays were captured, photographed and released. In the afternoon, there was a second children's fishing competition, also in "NO KILL".

    Balance of this 3 days Master:  2 fishing days, 29 tunas, 2 sharks and 9 stingrays. This represents a record for 2015.

    The winner of the Master 2015 is the boat "Kaputa" from Palavas floods, with 8 tunas. The second is the "Sans Soucis" from Narbonne with 6 tunas and 2 stingrays. The third is the "Seazen IV" from Carnon with 5 tunas, 1 shark and 1 1stingray.

    The mayor of Mauguio-Carnon with the assistant at sports and the port official came awarding prizes to all participants of the Master. Next Master, the 5th, will be in 2017.




    September 2015 | Author:  The board


    Surfcasting fishing trip

    Wednesday, July 1st , Rudy has organized a Surfcasting trip to the Petit Travers for club members. The alignment of the rods was impressive , the bites have started less than 10 minutes after we casted our lines and were successive until sunset . All participants acknowledge that they have spent a wonderful evening :

     - " When I saw  the invitation for this event , I was delighted ! "

     - "Thank you for this little surfcasting evening,  a treat without forgetting the small drink ! "

     - " Excellent surfcasting evening on Wednesday thank you to the board! "

     - "This is one of the biggest sea bream I have ever caught ! "

    The board plans to renew this kind of trip regularly, probably mid week in July and August .

    July 2015 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier


    Fishing trip with children of the CEMEA 

    This Saturday, June 20 will remain in the memories of the children invited by the Carnon Fishing Club to a sea fishing trip.

    With the benefit of a nice weather 14 children boarded 7 boats made available by the members of Carnon Fishing club. Objective: To share the sea and the pleasures of fishing boat.

    In return, the comments are scrambling all  more enthusiastic than others and compiled on a large sheet over lunch prepared by parents and members of the CEMEA team. "Great Day," "I had always dreamed of riding one of these boats," "Thank you for this wonderful day" "We are neighbors in Carnon, and the idea to get to know and share our values, appeared as all natural to us, says Jean Luc Naudet, president of Carnon Fishing Club. Our federation, the FNPPSF, advocates education and initiation to the world of the sea to the new generations. This approach came to us naturally. I thank the CEMEA Carnon for his welcome, preparing a convivial meal and the boat captains and guides for being available for that day, full of mutual learning.
    .  . 

    Juine 2015 | Author:  Michel Lepers


    Shooting of a vidéo on how to use floating anchors

    The morning of May 27, 2015 , the President of Carnon Fishing Club , assisted by two board members , received a delegation of Marine Protected Areas and Natura 2000 , to make an educational video on the use of sea anchors . Two boats provided by the club members have helped run a demonstration of this technique used to limit the drifting of a boat . It's very interesting for fishing needing to limit the movement of the boat, because the experience of that day proved that we could reduce this drift nearly down to a mile with an anchor, and almost double using two anchors simultaneously. Of course it is not suitable for fishing where the boat must remain static , such as sea bream , but it opens interesting perspectives in all other cases. This video will be available on our website immediately after publication by Natura 2000 .
    .  . 

    May 2015 | Author:  Michel Lepers


    Friendly evening and Nautical Flea market in Carnon  

    The weekend of 11 and 12 April 2015 has been eventful for the members of the three associations: Carnon Fishing Club, l’Association Carnonnaise de Pêche Sportive et Côtière and l’Amicale des Plaisanciers de Carnon.
    First of all, a friendly Saturday evening was attended by over 140 members around an excellent regional meal consisting of a brazucade and a rouille de seiche, all washed down with a local fresh wine .
    The very festive party allowed dancers to get rid of the calories of the meal, to be fit the next morning for the Nautical Flea market , organized by the three associations around the port of Carnon .

    Nautical, diving and fishing gears have been traded during a pleasant morning along the sunny docks, and thus will be able to find a second life instead of  getting bored in our storages.
    .  . 

    April 2015 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier


    Rescue training  

    Safety at sea and when organizing events : some members of our club successfully completed a first aid training on March 28 in Carnon . .

    April 2015 | Author:  The board


    Interclubs meeting with SNSM  

    Prevention and Safety at sea: the associations from Carnon (PACS, CFCs and APC) are mobilized by inviting the  Palavas SNSM team to present how to have good behavior at sea.

    On February 21, the Palavas SNSM team made the trip to Carnon with its flagship "VICE PRESIDENT A.ROUILLEAULT" to inform the 40 users on safety at sea.

    The crew of President Michel Roux focused on what to do to avoid the accident (equipment, skills and attitudes), but also on what to do in case of accidents, in particular on use emergency numbers, ie: VHF: 16; ASN: 70; cell phone: 196.

    A reminder was also made on signaling stations the end of accident to avoid unnecessary searches and saving the time and resources of those volunteers who finance their work through donations and a few grants.

    Finally explanations on interventions to rescue people and property were given, highlighting  the need to participate to the fees. 

    February 2015 | Author:  The board


    Interclubs meeting with the "brigade nautique"  

    It was at the initiative of fishermen clubs (APCS Carnon and Fishing Club) and boating associations (PCA) Carnon that Officer Christophe Léger from "brigade nautique" of Grau du Roi came on Saturday 14 February at the Harbour of Carnon which hosted the meeting. The idea was to provide current status of the regulations and recent amendments to more than 50 very attentive participants, including presidents of Carnon's associations and the regional president of the FNPPSF.

    Christophe Léger recalled the texts and presented the changes planned for this year, especially the new category called "semi-hauturière", covering the area 6 miles to 60 miles.

     He responded to questions about the most common offenses, particularly fish minimum sizes, lack of marking (tail cut, and selling fish from recreational fishing, he also reminded the obligation to carry on board tuna fishing authorization.

     Regarding navigation the following points were made (among others):
        - Mandatory equipments
        - Revised Extinguishers (see expiration dates)
        - Unexpired Vests (in particular the automatic vests requiring revision)
    Obligation of the logbook.

    He also said that all this information is available online.

    After two hours of questions and answers all the participants recognized the value of this meeting and the need to prepare well to be in order for the season.

    An additional meeting will be organized by the three associations February 21 (10: 00 Harbour of Carnon) allow the Palavas SNCM to review safety at sea with the present users. 

    February 2015 | Author:  Le Board


    The board of the club is very happy to see our web site gets

    a lot of visitors. As of January 2015,

    the number of visitor reached 15000 !

    February 2015 | Author:  Le Board




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