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    November 2114 - Club general meeting   

    More than 40 Carnon Fishing Club members gathered in the "Salle des Cistes", for the general meeting of the Club, in the presence of Mr Daniel Métivier, FNPPSF regional president, Ms. Laurence GELY and Mr Jean ALBERT , City Hall representatives Mauguio - Carnon .

    President Jean -Luc NAUDET read the report of 2014 .

    First, he thanked the town hall to have secured a place, which allows the club to have a foothold , this room was opened in June , attended by municipal officials . Then he congratulated all members of the club, who are involved in the various events which took place during the year, fishing trip for the children of the CLIS Mauguio, fishing trip with players from MHR and big game fishing days with our friends from Granville. He regretted that , unfortunately, a member of the club had to be excluded for fraud. Although quotas for tuna fishing are ridiculously low , the club can not accept non - compliance to the law by one of its members.

    René Horain, the treasurer presented the financial reports and everyone could see the good management of the club's finances. The balance sheet of the Club was approved .

    The election  of the new board was the conducted. Jean Luc Naudet and his team was re-elected, he praised the work of his team and presented plans for the coming year.

    The deputy mayor in charge of sports Mr Jean ALBERT welcomed the contribution of Carnon Fishing Club for the activities on the port during this summer. He invited the club to expand its operations in 2015, with increased support from the City Hall , especially for the Master to be held on September 6 and 4.5 .

    November 2014 | Author: The board


    The Carnon Fishing Club hosts the "Comité des Pêcheurs Amateurs Granvillais",  from  Sept. 19th to 21st,  2014    

    Mauguio-Carnon on the Mediterranean and Granville on the English Channel : two cities with over 13,000 inhabitants, one and the other with a marina and a fishing club affiliated with the "Fédération Nationale des Pêcheurs Plaisanciers et Sportifs de France". 

    One of the Gulf of Lion with 50cm max drawdown and Tuna of legend, the other on the Mont-Saint-Michel with a record of more than 15 m during spring tides. What similarities and differences at the same time! 

    It was at the initiative of the presidents of the two clubs: Mr Naudet and Mr Mongin, 9 people from Granville, including a woman, came to discover the joy of fishing in Carnon. This is after some people  from Hérault have tasted the delights of the Bay of Saint Malo and Chausey islands during the National Congress of FNPPSF at Hauteville sur Mer in April 2014. 

    Four boats from Carnon Fishing Club embarked participants for two days of fishing in "no kill." 9 tunas in two days, including one larger than 1.50 m, were caught and released. A shark and two ray were added to this scoring. 

    The first night all participants came together to share a tuna, caught a few days earlier, during a meal and a dance party on a room the port of Carnon. The warm presence of representatives of the City of Mauguio Carnon was one of the highlight that evening, they welcomed the initiative and presented medals to visitors. 

    The second night the crews were able to close the event around a friendly buffet. The conclusion of these days belongs to a club member of Granville: "We cannot imagine better than what we had during these two days!".


    September 2014 | Author: The board


    Carnon Fishing Club Trophy, August  23rd, 2014   

    Saturday, August 23, 2014 the Carnon Fishing Club held a fishing competition in NO KILL. The competition was reserved for its members, 12 boats participated. The award ceremony took place in the early evening at MJC Carnon and was followed by a cocktail with "brasucade" and a very friendly dancing party. The first prize was awarded to the crew of our president, the "Petit-Bonheur", the second prize at the "Ben Mary", the third at the "Rio Dulce", the fourth at the "Exocet III," the Fifth at the "Petit Bonheur".


    August 2014 | Author:  P. Escoffier


    Carnon Fishing Club and Montpellier Hérault Rugby : team spirit  

    There are sports where success is, in its entirety, due to the value of the team and the teamwork. This is well-known in Rugby, where only the best teams can win relying certainly on talented personalities, but especially on a collective capacity to deliver. This is also the case of the less known big game fishing, where the man holding the rod will never catch the fish without the help of his two teammates: the liner and the skipper. This is the entire crew of the boat which win, or not ...

    Our region is well endowed with top teams in both sports.

    It is on this idea that the Carnon Fishing Club invited Montpellier Hérault Rugby players to share a tuna fishing trip, through our mutual friend Moktar Rezkallah rugby and fishing passionate, and through our president Jean-Luc NAUDET. 14 players were present and boarded seven boats for a sportive and fun day.

     The club has taken on its tuna quota, yet very limited, to allow MHR players to enjoy tasting this rare meal.

    Successful and full of memories day for CFC and MHR .


    August 2014 | Author:  JL. Naudet


    Carnon Fishing Club Trophy August 23rd 2014

    Saturday, August 23, 2014 the Carnon Fishing Club is holding a big game fishing contest in  NO KILL. This contest is for members only, 13 boats are participating. The awards ceremony will take place in the early evening and will be followed by a dinner with "brasucade".    
    August 2014 | Author: P.Escoffier


    The Feast of the Sea in Carnon on July 20th, 2014


    Sunday, July 20, 2014, Carnon celebrated the Feast of the Sea and the club has participated in the colorful parade of boats held in a festive atmosphere. 

    July 2014 | Author: P.Escoffier


    Club new premises opening

     Saturday, June 21, 2014, we did the official opening of our new premises in the presence of guests, representatives of the mayor and members of our association.  
    The President, during a short speech stated that the CFC was established in October 2009 and it depends of the "Fédération Nationale des Pêcheurs Plaisanciers et Sportifs de France". He said that the club is very friendly, its members are passionated fishermen and the club today includes 68 families, with 44 boats, most of which are at the port of Carnon, but also La Grande Motte, Palavas, Sète and Port Camargue. He then gave an outline of our main actions:

    ·         We share our passion in organizing fishing trips and competitions at sea, between us, but also with the children in the area or on holiday in the region.

    ·         We help scientists for their research on the lives of sharks, rays etc ....

    ·         We begin now to exchange with other fishing clubs nationwide.

    He finally concluded by thanking our FFPM friends and "l’amicale des plaisanciers de Carnon " for their presence and the city of Mauguio-Carnon for giving us a place to meet and to welcome public. We ended by a very friendly drink in the courtyard outside our room.






    June 2014 | Author:  The board


    When the sea is shared: the fishermen of Carnon Fishing Club invited on their boats students from the CLIS1 Mario Roustan school in Mauguio for a fishing trip on the sea


    Here a fishing trip unforgettable, both for Mario Roustan  school children and for  Carnon Fishing Club fishermen.

    On Monday, June 16, the weather was clement, a beautiful sea and no wind. 

    Therefore, fishing took place with a friendly atmosphere and the children were happy to catch 3 fishes.
    Questions like: "Sir, what fish can I keep it, is that one large enough? "The Fisherman answer" Yes, it is good "and the joy of the child:" Oh, mom will be so happy. " 

    After a successful fishing trip, we returned to the port, shared meals and gifts were offered by Carnon Fishing Club.

    is 15h 30, kids must return to Mauguio: "Goodbye, gentlemen fishermen, and thank you for giving us this day of sharing and joy, we will remember that fishing trip." 

    The President of Carnon Fishing Club, thanked all the members who gave some of their time to make the children happy. Thank you to the four captains that were available with their boats.





    *CLIS 1 : classes for students with cognitive disabilities or mental functions troubles.


    June 2014 | Author:  The board




    May 10th 2014 - Jig fishing trip


    The Jig fishing trip was held Saturday, May 10, with the presence of 15 members. It began with training at the club, headed by our staff Manu and Gilbert. We then boarded on 4 boats and have fished mackerels and sea breams. With good sea, the day was nice, we still hope more people for the 31 May trip, meeting point: the club at 6:30am.

    May 2014 | Author:  CFC board



    April 5th 2014 - Sea breams fishing trip


    Saturday, April 5, despite the wind blowing slightly, 10 members were present. We went in front of the Abbey of Maguelone grouped in four boats. When the wind calmed down, around 10 am, we started to fish. We took a few breams, some Sars, a lot of Pageots, some redfishes and other rock fishes. The biggest catch was a nice bream wieghting more than one kilogram, thanks to Patrick, our secretary. The fishing trip ended with an aperitif during which other members of the club, as well as spouses joined to share some good times.


    April 2014 | Author:  CFC board



    Our headquarter fitting up

    Below some pictures of our president and treasurers working on setting up a new panel on our headquarter. 


    March 2014 | Author:  Jean-Luc Naudet & René Horain



    Sea lovers meet for a giant couscous in the "salle des Cistes"


    friendliness : This is the mojo of the party which was attended by 150 members of the three associations: Carnon Fishing Club, l’Association Carnonnaise de Pêche Sportive et Côtière et l’Amicale des Plaisanciers de Carnon, who gathered to share this friendly meal.

    Yvon Bourrel, Mayor of Mauguio Carnon , stressed the importance of voluntary activities related to the sea, his satisfaction to see the associations join together to establish a common event , and the support of the City as the provision of Room for this exceptional evening . By the number of members present, the presidents of the associations were pleased to see taht this unusual initiative win all the votes .

    The entertainment of the evening allowed some to show their talents in singing karaoke , other to express their dancers skills with music led by a very energetic DJ .

    A lottery with more than 1000 € price offered by local merchants and sponsors of each association , has made many happy, we thank all the merchants and sponsors who participated in the lottery .

    In conclusion it was an evening for all to renew.

    February 2014 | Author:  The presidents of the clubs


    Greetings from the board of the club:

    January 2014 | Author:  JL. Naudet





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