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    November 2013 Club general meeting


    Nearly 40 members of Carnon Fishing Club gathered this morning in the old multipurpose room for the Annual General Meeting of the Club. President Gerald Rival read the summary of 2013. The mayor 's deputy in charge of sports Mr Jean ALBERT welcomed the contribution of Carnon Fishing Club . The association Aileron presented its collaboration with the club.
    The financial statement of the Club has been approved. It was proceeded to the election of new board: President: Jean Luc Naudet , Treasurer: René Horain, Secretary: Patrick Escoffier. The announcement of a section of fishing and surf casting school was done by Rudy Robin.

    November 2013 | Author:  P. Escoffier


    The Carnon Fishing Club Master took place from August 2d to 4th

    Organized by our club, the Master took place from Friday 2 to Sunday, August 4, 2013 from the port of Carnon. As usual it took place in "no-kill", that is to say the fish caught were released after being photographed (and possibly tagged by the members of the Association "Ailerons" who onboarded each boats.).

    August 2013 | Author: P.Escoffier


    The Feast of the Sea in Carnon on July 14th

    Sunday, July 14, 2013, Carnon celebrated the Feast of the Sea and the club has participated in the colorful parade of boats held in a festive atmosphere.

    July 2013 | Author: P.Escoffier


    May 25th Jig fishing trip 

    The morning of May 25, 2013, we were gathered for a fishing trip to jigs, unfortunately the wind did not allow us out to sea, but Philippe MONTAY from FRANCE BLEU HERAULT was present among us. He interviewed our team, Gerald, Gilbert and Jean-luc, this interview has been broadcasted Thursday, May 30 , click below to listen to one of the interview (in french).

    May 2013 | Author: JL. Naudet


    THE CARNON FISHING CLUB Organizes August 2/3/4

    Friday, August 2d:
    From 4pm, the boats arrive from the region (Agde, Port Camargue, La Grande-Motte).

    Saturday 3 August:
    Departure at 7am boats for fishing.
    Return at 7pm

    Sunday, August 4th:
    Departure at 7am boats for fishing.
    Return at 7pm

    Trophy results: 7pm
    Closing cocktail

    You have a boat, a crew of three fishermen, you have tuna permit you are interested in this master, register before June 30 to take compulsory licenses.


    The "CARNON FISHING CLUB" is an association of fishermen friends sharing throughout the year experiences, new fishing techniques. Participating in friendly fishing days to bars, seabream and tuna. In short, fishermen friends sharing their passion. You are interested to join the club, you will be welcome by calling
    Fishing Greetings .

    March 2013 | Author: JL. Naudet


    February 2013 The opening of the fishing season of Carnon Fishing Club

    President Gerald Rival, Vice President and Secretary Jean-Luc Naudet, the Treasurer and the Treasurer Gilbert Pérez René Horain invited members of Carnon Fishing Club to meet on Friday to discuss the new year.

    After the traditional annual update of membership cards, Daniel Metivier, regional president and vice-president of the National FNPPSF, presented the orientations and commitments of the federation.

    This year the activity of Carnon Fishing Club will consist of four events, the most important Carnon Fishing Master Trophy will take place on 2, 3 and 4 August. During this Masters fishermen will compete by fishing tuna in "no kill" (fish caught and released). During the term of the Master, a "village" on the port will allow everyone to familiarize themselves with the activities related to recreational fishing. Other activities are planned by the club: jigging and artificial lures May 25 or May 26, end of June sea bream fishing, fishing with lure late September andgeneral meeting on November 23.

    On the occasion of this meeting, Jean Albert, deputy mayor in charge of sports, has confirmed its support for the club and city hall help for upcoming events. It also proposed, to the great satisfaction of all, to get a room on Carnon for various meetings and permanence.

    The meeting ended with a convivial dinner on the topic much discussed "fish is good, fishing is good, catch & release is better .. '

    February 2013 | source: le blog du midi libre - Mauguio| l'article complet




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